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Managed I.T. Serivces: Our Technology

Support & Consulting

More than just another "IT GUY"

Viriton takes a unique approach to support that differs from the industry​ standard and the company was founded on those principals.  We know that as a small business there is a lot to deal with, and let's be honest it can be overwhelming.  So when it comes to technology we don't say "sorry that's not something we support" because we know finding another vendor or vetting another technology can be difficult, and while we certainly don't know all the answers we're here as a resource in getting to a solution.  Let our passion for technology and our clear and honest communication help remove any of your anxiety with IT.

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Our Strategy

Viriton’s value proposition. 


There are several ways to structure support costs in the managed services space. ​


Each pricing method has its pro’s and con’s, but ultimately it comes down to value, and Viriton exists to provide your organization with best value in technology. 


Viriton was founding in 2010 and after 10 years of small and mid-size business support we’ve found that one size doesn’t fit all.  With this in mind we have worked to offer our products and services at the lowest price possible and separated support from those products.  Instead we bill actual time in 6 minute increments (no minimum) for all of our work, regardless of outcome (aside from mistakes).

Here are some of the ways we work to maximize value with our clients: 

  • Business Reviews 

  • Platform standardization 

  • Establish budgets for each ticket

  • Employee training

  • Strong Documentation

Thing you can do to help maximize your ROI:

  • Maintain current hardware

  • Avoid last minute requests

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