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Riser Management Guidelines

Intended Audience

This guide is for anyone operating in a Viriton Riser Managed Building.


A riser is the series of telecom closets on each floor of a commercial building.  Riser management is a service designed to keep risers closets secure, clean, organized, and up to code.

Access Guidelines

No access should be granted to designated riser rooms without notification to Viriton.

All vertical work, meaning anything that spans more than one floor must be performed by Viriton. 

The following form must be filled out for any requests for new service or cabling (phone line, dsl, copper, fiber, etc.) or cable abatement (cleanup).

Riser - Service Request

Contact Info

Service(s) Requestd

Typical lead time is 5-10 business days, expedited service is available for an additional charge.

Thanks for submitting!

Technician servicing existing circuit/equipment*:

If a tenant has scheduled a service call with a technician or technician is onsite for emergency repairs the following form needs to be filled out before access is provided to a telecom closet.

Riser Closet Access

Thanks for submitting!

*This service should only occur on the 1st floor or basement at the MPOE (minimum point of entry).  If access is requested for another floor Viriton must approve before access is granted.


Emergency Access: If there is water, smoke, a tripped circuit breaker, etc. Please address the issue and then email / call with any pertinent info.

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